6 Things to Keep in Mind While Starting to Wear a Hijab?

Are You Planning to Start Wearing a Hijab? Here Are 6 Things to Keep in Mind

Are you new to wearing hijabs and abayas? Do you feel confused about how to wrap the fabric around your face? Well, you are not the only woman in the world. Many women struggle with folding and wrapping the hijab around the face. Others worry about maintaining the cleanliness of the hijab, and many fail to choose the right colour and fabric of the hijab. If you are one of them, you are in the right place. Wearing a hijab lends a mellow touch of elegance to your persona.

If you are wearing a hijab for the first time, you may feel slightly uncomfortable, but remember the divine purpose of wearing one, and you shall feel as good as gold. Keep your hijab neat and clean at all times, and do not forget to buy hijabs of soft and breathable fabric to stay comfy throughout the year. 

Read on to learn more about the things that you need to keep in mind while starting to wear hijabs, and buy your favourite hijabs online today.

6 Tips For You To Start Wearing Hijabs With Ease

Hijab Wearing Woman

Hijab is a woman’s way of life. It represents a woman’s commitment and devotion to Allah. Wearing a hijab constantly reminds a woman to embrace positivity, goodness of character, and religious faith.  If you are new to wearing hijabs, then keep the following tips in mind:

1. Wear the hijab as a mark of dedication to God

Allah is your biggest friend and strongest supporter. Wear the hijab to feel the presence of Allah around you. If the fabric feels too uncomfortable at the beginning, then pray to Him to give you the patience to bear the initial discomfort. With time, you will feel that wearing a hijab is becoming easier for you.

2. Make the hijab your style statement

If you think that the hijab is a bland piece of garment, then you should think again. Buy a bunch of colourful hijabs online and style them differently every day. Wrap the hijab around your face in different ways and accessorise it with beaded pins, brooches, and clips to look prettier. You can also go for hijabs with cute prints and flowery patterns to break the monotony and look great every time you step out.

3. Choose the right colour and fabric for the hijab

Choosing the right colour makes you look prettier in a hijab. Buy your favourite hijabs online in the colour and fabric of your choice to look and feel great whenever you go out. Keep your skin tone in mind when choosing the colour of your hijab. When it comes to the fabric, you should pick hijabs of silk, chiffon, satin, and cotton. Such fabric not only makes the hijab look stylish but also makes you feel comfortable.

4. Learn to ignore what other people say

Wearing a hijab often draws negative attention and unnecessary dissent from others. Ignore the noise by reminding yourself of the sole purpose of wearing a hijab. Do not let the judgement of the outside world get under your skin. Instead, pray to Allah for fortitude and inner peace and keep your hijab intact on your head.

5. Don’t forget to focus on your outfit

If you wear a hijab then you must not wear skimpy outfits with the hijab. Wear modest clothes like blouses with long sleeves paired with long skirts. You can also wear loose-fit long-sleeved shirts paired with long skirts or loose-fit pants. Ideally, a hijab is best worn with an abaya, a loose-fit gown. However, if you are new to wearing hijabs, then wearing the gown along with the hijab may seem a bit daunting for you. Take baby steps to slowly work your way up to a proper hijab with an abaya outfit.

6. Obtain support from your friends and family

Surround yourself with friends who would encourage you to wear hijabs. If you feel that the noise of the outside world is bringing you down, then resort to your friends and family members for moral support. Do not punish yourself if you falter on some days and fail to wear the hijab. Instead, pray to Allah for forgiveness and start wearing your hijab again. Seek help and motivation from your friends to keep wearing the hijab at all times.


Hijab is not just a piece of garment but a way of life. It is the identity of a woman and the connector between her and the Creator. Wearing a hijab with an abaya makes a woman feel closer to Allah. It instils a sense of devoutness and faith in her and gives her the confidence to stand up against the world. If you are starting to wear hijabs today, you might want to buy hijabs online at Hijab Kart. Hijab Kart offers a wonderful collection of hijabs and ships all over India. Buy your favourite hijabs from Hijab Kart today. 

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