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How to Wear a Georgette Hijab?

Wearing Hijab is a cakewalk, said no one. Well, it completely depends on the material and the way it is worn. A georgette hijab is thicker, more versatile, and more opaque compared to Chiffon. Besides, they are lightweight and add a polished look to your face. 

With multiple manufacturers in the market, care should be taken on the fact that the material is long enough to cover the head and neck. However, this does not mean that the style quotient should be compromised. Once you figure out a style that suits your face, wearing one is relatively easy. 

Here is How You Can Wear and Style a Georgette Hijab With Ease

Georgette Hijab Style

1. Classic Wrap

This wrap works for all face cuts and outfits. It can be worn to work, weddings, and other occasions. Moreover, it is ideal if you wear glasses. To wrap a classic hijab, you would need to search for a rectangular georgette hijab online. 

You simply need to spread it out and lay it such that one side is longer than the other. The latter will go over your head. The next step is to pin both sides of the Hijab under your chin with regular or magnet pins

Make sure, you don’t poke a hole through your hijab. Now, take the longer side and wrap it around your head and drape it over your shoulder. Lastly, spread both sides to cover your chest and shoulder. 

2. Layered Look 

Hijab Layered Look

A trendy layered look is more detailed and more suited for simple outfits. While it is not ideal for small faces, it looks good on others. For the same, you will need a long scarf as you will need to wrap it twice around your head. 

Similar to the classic wrap, make sure one side is longer than the other and wrap it around your head. Make sure to leave it a little loose to create volume. Post that, wrap it once more, and then pin it to the top of your head or your chin as per the scarf length. Now, take the other side and wrap it around your neck and tuck it under the long end or within your clothes. 

3. Effortless Loose Look

This modern georgette hijab look is one of the most fashionable ways to wear a Hijab. It is ideal for summer and winter outfits and looks best with solid colours. 

For this look, you must lay the scarf on your head and keep both sides at equal lengths on your chest. Pin both sides under your chin and toss any side over the shoulder. We suggest you lay the scarf around your head, keeping both sides at equal lengths on your chest. 

Better to toss the right side on your left shoulder if you are right-handed or vice versa. The next step is to pull the side tightly around your back and secure it using a pin. Lastly, leave the other side as it is or drape it over your shoulder to create an aesthetic look. 

4. Turban

A turban is the ultimate simple hijab look. However, you can’t wear it unless you wear loose clothes that offer full coverage for your neck and chest. It’s also more suitable for the summer than winter because it won’t keep you too warm. However, it is ideal for loose clothes that cover your neck and chest. Please remember wearing a turban is slightly difficult compared to wearing a loose hijab. 

So, fold your rectangular scarf lengthwise with its half-width. Put the folded scarf over your head such that it faces backwards. Wrap both ends around your head and bring them to the front. Post that, wrap one side to the back again and wrap the other on its top. Lastly, tuck both ends into your hair bun or in the turban itself. You can also secure them with pins. 

Wrapping Up 

With multiple options for georgette hijab online, all you need to do is master the right way to wrap it and you are done. Georgette is one of the finest and softest materials. But where do you find a good pair of georgette fabric? Look no further. Check out Hijab Kart’s finest georgette pieces. 

Wearing a hijab made of georgette will give you comfort and ease. So, make sure you experiment with styles and outfits to keep the style quotient alive. Tell us which one is your favourite style in the comments. 

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