The Ultimate Guide to Maintain Hijab & Abaya Fabric Quality

The Ultimate Guide to Maintain Hijab & Abaya Fabric Quality

Nothing looks more graceful on a woman than a soft and colourful hijab. Do you love stepping out in colourful hijabs of soft fabric every day? Do you use a Hijab Shampoo on your fabrics? We really hope you do, otherwise, you’re compromising on the quality and longevity of your hijabs. 

Summers are the best time to sport hijabs of soft fabric and bright colours. However, the exposure of the hijab to the harsh heat of the sun often makes the fabric rough and the colours fade. Moreover, washing hijabs with chemical soaps and detergent results in damaging the gentle fibres of the hijab. If you are worried about maintaining the fabric quality and colour of your hijab despite repeated use, then you are at the right place. Ditch the toxic detergent powders and embrace the gentle goodness of Hijab Shampoo right away. 

What is a Hijab Shampoo?

Hijab & Abaya Shampoo

Hijab shampoo has been crafted to maintain the quality and colour of hijabs for years. It is devoid of chemicals and is specially formulated to make your hijabs shine like new, even after the hundredth wash. Read on to know more about the delightfully fresh and fragrant Abaya Shampoo that is ideal for washing and taking care of your hijab.

How to Wash and Clean Your Hijab With Hijab Shampoo?

It is important to make sure that the hijab is clean at all times. Wearing a hijab for weeks without washing it can cause dermatological problems to the hair and scalp. To keep dandruff and dryness of hair at bay, it is crucial to wear a washed and cleaned hijab every day. 

Cleaning the hijab is pretty simple. It is a small piece of fabric that takes only a few minutes to become clean. However, washing the hijab in caustic detergent soaps can erode the gentle fibres of the hijab. Avoid the detergent soaps and start using the mild and gentle Abaya Shampoo to clean your hijab.

Follow the 10-step routine mentioned below to wash and clean your hijab in no time:

Step 1: Fill a basin with cold water/use a tub for washing the hijab.

Step 2: Stir a tablespoon of Abaya Wash shampoo in the cold water to form a foamy solution.

Step 3: Check the hijab for stains and greasy marks. Rub the stained area gently with the soapy solution of water and Abaya Wash shampoo to make the stains disappear.

Step 4: Submerge the hijab in the basin/tub of cold water and Hijab Shampoo after removing the stains. Gently agitate the fabric with your hands and swirl it around in the water to clean the hijab.

Step 5: Let the hijab stay in the water for at least fifteen minutes.

Step 6: Drain out the soapy water and wash the hijab in plain cold water.

Step 7: Press out the excess water gently with your hands. Do not wring the hijab, as that might make the fabric wrinkly.

Step 8: Avoid using a dryer machine to dry the washed hijab. Instead, aerate the wet hijab in the sun to dry it naturally. Spread the wet hijab on a rack and let it dry within an hour.

Step 9: After drying the hijab in the sun, it is time to iron it to remove creases and wrinkles. Use a steam iron for ironing the hijab. Steam iron is gentle on the fabric and does not burn holes in the hijab.

Step 10: Fold the hijab neatly and store it in your wardrobe. It is recommended to use garment bags to store the hijab. Place all your clean hijabs in a garment bag and then put the garment bag in the closet.

Why Should You Use Hijab Shampoo for Washing Hijabs?

Why Choose Hijab & Abaya Shampoo?

Hijab shampoo is highly recommended for washing soft and delicate hijabs. The reasons why you should switch to Hijab Shampoo from regular detergent soaps for washing your favourite hijabs are given below:

  • Hijab Shampoo is halal certified and therefore ideal for use.
  • Washing the hijab with this shampoo helps in maintaining the texture and quality of the fabric for years.
  • Abaya Shampoo has a delicious lavender fragrance. Washing the hijab with Hijab Shampoo leaves it smelling fresh and new.
  • Cleaning the hijab with Abaya Wash helps in retaining its colour. The shampoo does not make the hijab bleed out any colours during the washing stage, unlike any other detergent soaps.
  • By using an Abaya Shampoo, you can wash the hijab a hundred times or more without worrying about erosion of colour and texture.


Now that you know how to wash your hijab, it is time to invest in a bottle of the luxurious yet affordable Hijab Shampoo. The lavender-smelling Abaya Wash for washing and cleaning hijabs has been recently launched by Hijab Kart

The halal-certified shampoo is perfect for maintaining the quality, colour, and durability of the fabric of the hijab. So, what are you waiting for? Buy a bottle of Abaya Wash and wash all your hijabs today. Don’t forget to steam iron the hijabs after the wash for the perfect hijab look. Use Hijab and Abaya Shampoo to wash your hijab, and wear fancy and colourful hijabs every day.

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