What is the difference between Satin Hijabs & Silk Hijabs? Satin Hijab vs Silk Hijab

What is the difference between Satin Hijab & Silk Hijab?

Choosing a hijab from the plethora of options available today has become a pretty tedious task. Traditional headgear has been revolutionised in many fashionable ways, starting from colours to fabric.

Despite all the variety, the best types of hijabs come in silk and satin. A silk hijab or a satin one will work great with any texture of hair and to top it all off, it will add a classy touch to any outfit. So if you're looking for a glamorous touch to add to your appearance, these smooth hijab fabrics should be a definite choice.

Benefits of a Silk Hijab

Silk Hijabs in India | Silk Shimmer Hijab

When selecting a fabric for your hijab, women often tend to go for linens and cotton to avoid heat damage and allow airflow. Extracted from the mulberry silkworm, silk is a material that will not only moisturise your hair but will also look wonderful. 

Contrary to the appearance of silk, it is not slippery and is extremely strong as a natural fibre which allows it to be moulded and wrapped in any desired way without the design falling apart and gives the entirety of the silk hijab a very classy look.

Benefits of a Satin Hijab

Satin Hijabs in India | Muna Satin Hijab

Who doesn’t want to look fabulous while sporting a satin hijab that not only looks good but also feels light and comfortable? Similar to silk, satin is a more affordable fabric that is manufactured from shiny pieces of clothes. A satin hijab will help to curb the frizz and is perfect to carry in any circumstance. 

The inside of the satin fabric is slightly rougher than the silky outside and it helps with arranging the wrap in a much more efficient way without falling. The small contrast of the fabric actually doesn’t affect the hair but helps the hijab stay in place and produce a polished appearance. 

Selecting the Perfect Hijab for Every Occasion

1. Enhancing the health of hair

Since a hijab is wrapped around the head, it is always a concern whether the fabric will be compatible with the hair. Silk or satin material will allow for the hair to remain intact, not grow dry and will thus easily maintain a clean look, making it a great choice for a hijab fabric. 

2. Silk and satin are long-lasting and durable

If taken care of properly, both silk and satin are such fabrics that will outlive cotton, polyester or linen. Looking for any hijab online, India offers so many options that it becomes mind-boggling. Thus because of their durability and benefits. silk and satin should be the way to go.

3. Fabrics that can survive any weather

Silk and satin are the types of fabrics that will stay faultless throughout the year. When wearing a hijab made of silk or satin, in summer it will work as protection from the heat while locking out the cold in winter. At the same time, your hair thus retains moisture in the winter and there is no breakage from dryness in winter. This makes silk as well as satin much more attractive choices.

4. A large domain of collection 

Silk and satin hijabs come in a vast variety of designs. You can go for plain fabrics or minimal printed ones, but even solid colours look good because of the shine of the fabric. You can contrast your hijab with your outfit or go for a matching set owing to the vast range of selections offered in silks and satins.

Silk Hijabs & Satin Hijabs are the New Look

Paired with such knowledge, it not only helps one to understand why a silk or satin hijab is a better option but also helps one to realise what one should be looking for when shopping for the desired hijab. They are useful and alluring and also guarantee cost-effectiveness due to their longevity. Hence, this season, go for these stylish looks that can look exceptional the whole year round. You don’t have to worry about having any slip-ups even in bad weather with a material that even takes care of your hair and skin.


When you are outside, wearing your hijab, it becomes a part of your pride, honour and identity. Thus it is necessary to select a look that will embody all those things. A satin or silk hijab not only sets you apart but also offers you a unique, beautiful look transforming your hijab into something special.

Selecting a hijab online in India surely has a wide variety, but too many options are never good. If you are looking for great quality hijabs that will also come with marvellous designs, suited according to individual needs, Hijab Kart will fulfil all your needs. If you are shopping for silk and satin hijabs offline, make sure to understand these specified tips, and check the quality of the fabric thoroughly before making your purchase..

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