Which Hijab Material Is Best for Summer in India?

Which Hijab Material Is Best for Summer in India?

Are you wondering about how to choose the best hijabs for summer? Well, you’ve come to the right place. While the internet can give you a million options, getting lost and making the wrong choice is easy. 

The first step in choosing good hijabs for summer is choosing a material that will not add to the intense heat and will look fashionable. Since it covers the head, it is best to select a hijab material that is sweat-friendly and breathable.

Here are some of the best hijab fabric for summer that you can choose for your hijab and some you should avoid at all costs: 

Hijab Fabrics Best Suitable for Summer:

Hijab Fabrics to Avoid in Summer:

Getting the Hijab Look Right In Summers 

1. Avoid Acrylic Fabrics

During summers, please avoid fabrics like acrylic as they are made of polymer and do not look neat due to sweating. You can choose to wear a chiffon fabric and use an under cap or cotton bandana. This will let you wear chiffon or similar materials while keeping the Hijab in place. Also, to avoid the heat, choose colours like light blue, ivory, grey, and beige for a cooling effect. 

2. Accessorise With Hats

While a summer-friendly hijab fabric is a must, if you are going to be out for a long time, make sure you also wear a hat on top of your hijab. Additionally, you can wear a maxi floral skirt of a lightweight fabric for a fashionably cool summer look. 

3. Choose Jersey Fabrics More Often

Jersey materials are a great option for Hijabs. Not only are they lightweight, but they are extremely stretchable too. So, you will not need any pin to keep it in place. Additionally, the hijab material is such that it stays cool in summer and also works well for the winter months. 

4. Polyester Must Be Avoided at All Costs

Strictly avoid polyester materials like rayon or viscose as they don’t let your skin breathe and cause overheating. Moreover, it can also trap sweat on your skin and scalp and even lead to rashes. So, it is best to use georgette, chiffon, or cotton hijabs to fit your outfit and style. 

5. Use Light and Airy Fabrics With No Undercaps

When it comes to styling your hijab, we suggest opting for looks that don’t require an under scarf or cap. Rather choose a lighter material, which can be overlapped and keep your hair covered without being too thick. 

6. Avoid Layering Your Hijabs in Summer

As far as styles are considered, tucked wrap or scarf wrap is one of the best choices. What’s the reason you ask? They don’t require layering and keep you breezy in the hot weather. 

7. Choose Cotton/Linen More Often

It is better to wear scarves in cotton or linen, especially because they can help absorb sweat easily. If you're looking for a light material that doesn't bother you during a long day, go for chiffon. 

8. Add Simple Lightweight Accessories Like Cotton Bandanas

If you are planning to go for a sleek and fashionable look, you can consider wearing a cotton bandana under your hijab. You can also wear it under a chiffon fabric or light materials that will prevent it from slipping easily. It will also help in absorbing any sweat.

9. Turban Wrap is the Best Choice for a Modern Look

Choose a wrap that makes you feel fresh and free. One such wrap is the turban wrap or the loose hijab wrap. 

10. Choose Simple Designs With No Extra Embellishments

While you may like to wear embroidered Hijabs and Abayas, they can make you feel hot in summer. So, it is best to look for designs with fewer beads, sequins, and embroidery. You can also search for summer embroidered abayas with minimal design on sleeves or necks that are ideal for summer. 

And, if you plan to ditch the embroidered look completely, you can pick up floral prints with minimal detailing. Not only will this help you beat the heat, but it will also help you look graceful and be at ease.

Combatting Summers 

With temperatures shooting up to 40°C and more in India, bearing the summer heat requires careful planning. However hard you try to cool your body temperature, the summer heat can get the better of you. 

Finding the right kind of fabric for your hijab can be a challenge, and answering the question of whether you are feeling hot in it, can further add to the menace. All you need to do is stay hydrated, wear loose, breathable clothes, and style your hijab such that you can breathe easily.


Above mentioned are some tips that you can rely on when selecting hijab for summer. Check out Hijab Kart - Online Hijab Store, which provides premium quality hijabs that will solve all your needs. And if you plan to shop offline, you can check the fabrics' texture and quality to prepare ahead of summer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and purchase the best hijab materials and experiment with multiple styles. 

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